Why StarRocks for Real-Time Analytics?

Real-time analytics is notoriously difficult. Complex data pipelines and de-normalized tables have always been a necessary evil. Processing any updates or deletes once data arrives has not been possible- until now. StarRocks solves these challenges and makes real-time analytics easy.

StarRocks Data Flow
  • Eliminate De-Normalized Tables
    Get amazing query performance on Star or Snowflake Schemas directly.

  • Hassle-Free Updates and Deletes
    From canceled orders to updated items, your analytics applications can easily handle them with StarRocks.

  • Achieve True Real-Time Analytics
    From streaming data to change data capture, StarRocks meets the data ingestion demands of real-time analytics.

  • Ready to Scale When You Are
    Scale storage and computing power horizontally and support tens of thousands of concurrent users.

  • Keep Using the Tools You Love
    All of your BI tools work with StarRocks through standard SQL.


StarRocks provides superior performance. It is also a unified OLAP covering most data analytics scenarios.

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